The UK finally introduces AVS, meaning we’re ready for +18 Ads!

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Now that the U.K. has given age verification systems the green light, age verification for adult sites is becoming increasingly important. This matter has been a significant concern at Playamedia from the very beginning of our operations as the German law and its Youth Protection Act prohibits the display of any adult content to minors. We believe these protective measures are crucial for ensuring minors’ wellbeing.

Recently, the House of Commons in the UK have agreed on final necessary regulations to introduce age verification for adult websites. According to the U.K.’s Digital Economy Act, commercial adult sites will be obliged to present that they are verifying that their users are over 18. Failure to do so could result in being prohibited from taking credit card payments or even getting the site blocked by UK internet service providers.

This means better and more precise protection of minors but also a more customised advertisement to match the users’ interest and show them more relevant ad content. Therefore, in the past two years, a handful of age-verification firms have started offering third-party solutions to verify users’ ages.

Thankfully, Playamedia already has the know-how and experience in the age verification system. Because similar regulations have been effective in Germany long before, we’ve ensured that our users on, and are able to see adult content only after they’ve proven their legal age.

We’re now able to take this advantage by offering better solutions to our advertising clients. Targeting only our age-checked members, who can be exposed to adult content, is possible in the U.K.  for advertisers.

We hope many other countries follow suit and the free age verification system becomes an industry standard. Not only in countries mandating it but worldwide.

If you’d like to get more information about advertising with us, check our advertise page and contact us.

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