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Job Type: Full-time 

Location:  Hybrid  (Barcelona based ideally)


About us

Ideawise Group is a global tech company home to some of the most groundbreaking products for alternative lifestyles in the dating industry. Ideawise creates online communities that allow for people to live authentic, fulfilling, and happy lives. We are committed to providing the best user experience and the most efficient way for like-minded people to connect and discover what matters to them. Founded in 2005 by three German brothers in Shanghai, Ideawise Group has offices in Barcelona, Berlin, and Düsseldorf and is fueled by nearly 150 open minded people who work across the globe to become ONE, AGILE, and THRIVING organization.

About the job

You will be the main responsibility to ensure that the metrics for our two primary revenue streams improve, thereby enhancing the overall monetization of the company. These sources will be:

  • Subscriptions: Both new subscriptions and renewals (on both web and app)
  • Consumables: Purchase of “tokens” (points) within the web/app

About the team

You will join the Growth team in the company’s Dating vertical, where you will work with two brands with distinct and differentiated positioning: one focused more on the traditional dating world and the other on the fetish or kinky dating world.

Responsibilities – What you will do

  • Develop the value proposition included in the membership/paid product. You will work with the Data team to identify which features help convert users to PRO and how to iterate on those that do not provide enough value.
  • Propose testing strategies to improve the conversion rate of paywalls and get more users who see them to start their subscriptions.
  • Propose pricing strategies to achieve better market fit in the different markets/geos where we currently offer the product.
  • Help test the consumables we are currently offering, aiming to find the best price and value proposition. Additionally, you will seek to understand how consumables can coexist with subscriptions.
  • You will work closely with the Ad Revenue/AdOps team to understand how to integrate the ads seen by free users into the monetization strategy of subscriptions/consumables.


Key Skills/Experience  

  • Experience: Over 3 years (ideally 5) of experience working on improving a company’s revenue through subscriptions and one-off product purchases within websites and apps.
  • Focus on Apps: Experience with app-based subscription products. While we have products on both platforms, we want to strengthen the app side the most.
  • Analytical Tools and Paywall Testing: Experience working with subscription analytics and paywall testing tools such as RevenueCat, Adapty, Qonversion, or Purchasely.
  • AB Testing Knowledge: Intermediate knowledge of AB Testing, comfortable discussing incremental impact, statistical significance, or type 1 and type 2 errors. Knowing what a p-value is and how it works would be a plus.
  • Product Analytics: Experience with product analytics tools such as Amplitude, Mixpanel, Heap, or Posthog. Comfortable understanding what an event is, the properties of an event, building your own funnels, etc.
  • Paywall AB Testing: Proven experience in conducting AB Testing for paywalls, creating a backlog of experiments based on hypotheses to be tested. Also, experience working with designers (graphic and UI/UX) and data teams for tracking.
  • Store Pricing Configuration: Understanding how pricing configuration works in the App Store and Google Play. Comfortable discussing the lifecycle of subscriptions, knowing the difference between canceled and paused subscriptions, and understanding what it means for a subscription to have auto-renew set to false.
  • Metric Understanding: Easily comprehend metrics such as ARPU, ARPPU, ROAS, or Payback period. Additionally, having knowledge of how acquisition works and being able to explain what attribution is and how it functions in websites/apps. You don’t need to be an expert but should know the basics.
  • Languages: Professional level in English. Knowledge of German is a plus


Nice to have

  • Basic knowledge of how the rest of the acquisition funnel works for both web and apps (Acquisition, Onboarding, Retention, etc.).
  • Moderate understanding of the technical aspects of Acquisition and how they can impact your area: attribution, Consent Mode V2, SKAN, ATT, Conversion Values, thresholds, etc


Benefits – What’s in it for you

  • Flexible hours: 40 hours/week starting no later than 10 am (hybrid/remote: TBD)
  • Time for training: Daily development hour from 1 pm until 2 pm
  • Extra holidays: 30 working days (as opposed to the standard 21-23 days in Spain)
  • Competitive salary: Depending on experience
  • Additional cash: Quarterly bonus in case of record breaking company revenue
  • Company perks: 50% gym membership fee and private health insurance
  • Mental health support: OpenUp
  • Flexible remuneration: Reduced income tax on your income paid via Kindergarten
  • Great food: Yummy snacks and free healthy lunch at the office with veggie options
  • Amazing coffee: We just got a new SAGE Barista machine – it is divine!
  • Team building: Company retreats and team building days
  • Awesome location: You’ll love our stunning beachfront office in La Barceloneta and its mindblowing roof-top terrace with a small pool for you to use any time you wish 🙂


Ideawise is an Equal Opportunity Employer

It is our commitment that every applicant will be evaluated according to their skills regardless of age, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability status, marital or parental status or religion.


Want the job?

If you are a creative and strategic thinker with a deep understanding of subscription-based revenue models and a proven track record of driving customer engagement and loyalty, we would love to hear from you.

Join our dynamic team at Ideawise Group and contribute to our mission of delivering exceptional experiences to our valued customers. Please apply following this link.


We look forward to hearing from you!


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