Now we allow “18+ ads” and adult content to Premium and VIP members!

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Normally, in our sites we don’t show any adult content due to All content of all our sites must comply with the rules of the German Youth Protection Act. This includes advertising on our sites as well as web pages we redirect to.


However, our Premium and VIP members have the possibility to do an “age-check” where they prove their legal age to us. These age-checked members are allowed to see the adult content of other users.


Now you can target this very special group of our members also with your advertisement!


Premium and VIP are our paid memberships. They are highly engaged and active in the sites. Until recently Premium and VIP members haven’t been shown any advertising. Being able to not to see the advertisement is one of the benefits of a paid membership. Now we made a little change and do show ads to these members with the option to opt-out and stop it. Many users explicitly decide to see ads though! It’s not very surprising for us since we always have been careful to choose only the relevant ads that they can actually benefit receiving the information.


With the Premium and VIP advertising you:


  • can promote your products exclusively to our Premium and VIP members with a paid membership! (Only very few other ads will be shown! Those members spend money online!)
  • are able to show adult content to age-checked to all users that have proven their legal age already to us! (You can show explicit content without worrying about the age!)
  • can reach the users who explicitly decided to see your ads as they have the option to stop advertising at any time! (Your ads only appear to qualified users that have shown an interest in specific products.)
  • will have the member area traffic of our sites! (Your ads only appear to qualified users that have signed up and even made a credit card payment for monthly memberships)

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