Playa Insights of NeDeNa Meetup with Luca Delloro

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Last week, on June 7th, NeDeNa, the largest German-language network in Barcelona invited it’s members to another Meetup group. This time the gathering was at Depot Lab Bruc, a beautiful coworking and events space. Two of our Playas joined the event with  Luca Delloro to discuss ZERO COST BUSINESS. They shared us their impressions and highlighted the most important points:


What is Zero Cost Business?

– It is 99% pure business, well done.

– It is centered in the ROI and not in the money invested.

– It is high ROI business.


8 Steps towards a big bang business:


1.) Always double check your sector. Essentially in numbers.

2.) Analyze the 2/3 years trends.

3.) Propose something that really changes lives in people.

4.) Think bigger than you imagine that you can or that you buy.

5.) Test with extreme targets. Stress testing, not easy testing.

6.) Arrive at least 50% or refuses not less. If so it is boring.

7.) Imagine all the time buying, using etc. your own idea. Will YOU?

8.) If they are calling “mad” you are in the right pass.


The thing before doing investing any money and then apply one shot marketing.




1.) The client is you and him/ her the brand.

2.) Your offer must be top of the class. If not improve it.

3.) Your best product manager is your worst client.

4.) Any contact, ANY must add value to the firm.

5.) Profits must be shared with clients. 50% of each.

6.) Every single day you should improve the brand value a bit.

7.) Look what your competitors sell. But you are in a relationship.



Zero cost business in 7 steps:


1.) Never do a single discount (except the 1st time).

2.) Facilitate all the time to any possible contact with you.

3.) Never lie to your client.

4.) Propose actions that could be expanded as a story.

5.) Communicate 24h/365days. Your people love it.

6.) Do not search for short term results. This will take time.


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