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Did you know that is one of the biggest sources for erotic content in Germany? Many members write erotic stories or poems and publish them on the page. Let’s have a look what’s behind: is now online for nearly 15 years and right from the beginning there was a massive need for members to publish erotic stories. In the big erotic forum, there are more than 50.000 topics around erotic stories and erotic poems.

Is this the real life?  Is this just fantasy?

Not only the band Queen is asking this question. Many members process real-life experiences in their stories. Many of them write down their kinky thoughts and some stories have something from both sides. But who knows whats fantasy or real? The kinky stories are popular.

Like a novel in the forum

Some stories are continuations of a story and have grown almost to a novel length. Some are shorter,  telling stories of dates, affairs or other adventures.In-ear-erotic
The best stories are now available as audio files. Written by members, read by German actors and professional speakers. Check out the first story “Louane – Verführung im Hotel” for free.

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