Happy Birthday Poppen.de

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WOW. Poppen.de is getting 15 years old – what age for an online dating platform. But we are fresher than ever and feeling as young as never before. It has been such a party! To celebrate, our Poppen.de team is inviting you to have a look behind the scenes and get to know the team behin this party a little closer!

Every party should have this mix of guests. Huge diversity among 5 million community members! They are attractive, nice, open, big, small, fat, thin, young, old, female, male, easy-going, eager to experiment, horny, disappointed, satisfied, funny, serious, sympathetic , cuddled, distanced, playful, tolerant – and in any case unique members on our party guestlist.

Our birthday guests found so much

On Poppen.de in 15 years many “guests” have found something that is valuable: understanding, sexual fulfilment and often the great and warming feeling of love. As long as there are sooooo many people with a big heart on Poppen.de, no one and no one is left alone with his wishes. We have a huge chat, a forum, spiked with an almost infinite variety of topics, a wealth of useful contact functions and plenty of opportunities for meeting other people. We would love to join this party. Let’s have a look backstage for some funny facts!

There is no hobby that does not exist …

In the Poppen.de support office in Berlin, a lot of Transformer action figures gather around. Melanie likes to go to yoga, Stefan loves his carnivorous plants and Julius wakes up at 5 o’clock in the morning to bake delicious wholefood bread for the office team. Carmen and her partner love to heat their house with self-mined wood, watch cosy Star Trek movies and read all the “Lord of the Rings” books every year. Paul dances swing (“Lindy Hop”), David devotes his bonsai trees and Saskia likes Zumba.

Football is THE topic

The team drinks about 450 cups of coffee or tea each day. There are litres of water hissing. Coke and other high-calorie drinks, however, are frowned upon. But on Fridays, just before closing time, there’s sometimes beer-o-clock. Five employees are hard-core fans of Arminia Bielefeld, including Robby, who becomes a nerve-wrack for every game. We have of course Hertha BSC Fans in Berlin, FC Barcelona Supporters at Playamedia and some other colleagues have lost their hearts to Hannover 96.

Many female colleagues are fans of Bayern Munich. Why? Because “the players are so sexy,”   – aha. Otherwise, the St. Pauli fans among us hope to get up to the first division this year and the four BVB fans have currently also many reasons to rejoice.

What a team

The team consists of confident singles, married couples and single parents. Some have a long-distance relationship, others enjoy their sexual freedom. We have men who love men, women who prefer women and colleagues who are self-confessed BDSM fans.

All in all a very normal company with a diverse circle of colleagues and wonderful community members or better “birthday guests”.

We thank each one of you for being with us, trusting us for 15 years and allowing us to work for you.
Your Poppen.de Team

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