Travel podcast: How to see the world with 30 days of (PlayaMedia)holidays

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30 days of holidays, a small budget and the heart full of adventures – with this concept and lots of good humour, one of our employees is rocking the German podcast charts with his podcast “Welttournee – der Reisepodcast“. Have a look what our employees are doing in their free time.

Christoph Streicher and Adrian Klie with their travel podcast "Welttournee"
Christoph (left) and Adrian with their travel podcast

“My passport looks pretty tattered. It will be time for a new one, especially since the place is slowly getting tight“ reports our colleague Christoph from Barcelona. Together with his buddy Adrian he has already travelled to more than 100 countries. Reason enough for the friends to press their travel experiences on “digital vinyl” for their travel podcast “Welttournee”. You can listen on every known podcast platform like iTunes, Spotify or Youtube (unfortunately only in German at the moment).

Welttournee der Reisepodcast - travel podcast in Myanmar
Sunrise in Myanmar for the boys

Travel as simple as possible

How do you manage to travel the globe with the 30 days of annual leave you get at PlayaMedia and a small budget? Quite simply: with good preparation, razor-sharp priorities and the good friends “luck” and “destiny” in the luggage. You can not expect a boring transfer of information during the “Welttournee podcast”. Instead, the frequent flyers would like to tell funny stories curiosities through their personal insights. Their way of travelling is different from how others travel: as simple as possible. This starts with hand luggage, which has to be enough for a three-week trip to Asia, and ends at lodging and dining out at places miles away from star ratings. Some of our colleagues recently are getting a heart attacks, when he see with how less Christoph is travelling – but it works.

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Unsere Welttournee geht weiter und wir möchten mit euch in Folge 4 auf eine Reise durch Norwegen gehen: „Norwegen – Oslo, Fjorde und die Sache mit dem Zoll“ Ihr findet sie neben dem Spotify-Link in unserer Bio auch auf iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube uvm – jeweils unter dem Namen: Welttournee – Der Reisepodcast | #reise #podcast #reisepodcast #igers #welttournee #itunes #welltravelled #reisetagebuch #igersgermany #norwegen #oslo #europa #angeln #bergen #hamar #lillehammer #holmenkollen #oslofjorden #architecture #spotify #china #asien #podcaster #podcasters #podcasting #reisen #soundcloud #abenteuer #abenteuerlust #zoll

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Welttournee – der Reisepodcast (@welttournee) am

Podcasting around the world

Secret jungle waterfalls in Guatemala, a lunch menu in the canteen of the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl or a volleyball match in the Albanian Alps: The boys (by the way both in their early 30s, in the prime of their years) travel diversified, cost-effective and adventurous.




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Rocking the german podcast charts

The humorous and self-deprecating way of reporting on travel is well received. “Welttournee” is already among the top 5 of all German travel podcasts in the charts. Every week, 1,000 fans are already listening, and the number is rising. Christoph is of course about to continue to work in his Job for our products at Playamedia. After all, 30 days of vacation is more than enough to gradually see the whole world – you just have to know how.



Spotify Logo Reisepodcast
Welttournee der Reisepodcast auf iTunes</figur

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