Kaufmich Launches the Big Sister Project

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Our community platform for sex workers, Kaufmich, is taking fantastic steps this year. Along with getting ready to launch a new version of the platform, Kaufmich has set goals to deepen its corporate social responsibility actions.


With the motivation of making sex work safer and help the workers achieve better conditions, Kaufmich is launching the Big Sister Project. Susanne, who’s the Community Manager with editorial and CSR focus in the Kaufmich team, explained the project:


“The Big Sister project is a crucial and significant part of our corporate social responsibility goals of 2019 as Kaufmich. Big Sister is a knowledge base which describes the life cycle of a sex worker, gives advice, and supports to sex workers who are new to the industry. To better provide this support, there will also be a secure online forum where sex workers can post anonymously to get direct help and support.


The Big Sister project is dedicated to serving all sex workers and those who are interested in getting involved in the sex industry. We intend to bring information to help with:
– Making an informed decision on whether or not to enter the sex industry.
– Practicing the job of sex work professionally and successfully (law, taxes, health, online, security).
– Making an informed decision to exit sex work.


Specific objectives of the Knowledge Base and Chat are providing information to be able to start the sex work well informed, giving support to have clarity on taxes and the legal situation for sex workers, providing well-researched insight from the world of sex work as well as first-hand experiences of sex workers.


The Big Sister project is developing steadily. We established contacts with individual counseling centers and asked for their feedback to improve the project. Counseling centers will also share their business profiles to help us connecting sex workers with the best fitting local consulting service.


On the other hand, we are currently working on the development of an anonymous chat option, where experienced Big Sisters offer advice and support for their colleagues.


My goal for the future is providing multilingual translations of the knowledge base and a multilingual chat. 70-90% of sex workers in Germany are migrants and have no access to online tools and resources because of language barriers.


While working on the development of the project, I also put efforts on improving my connections and gain more insights into the world of sex work. Currently, I am invited as an expert for “sex work and Internet “at the round table sex work of the state government Berlin, where I develop political action recommendations. This includes online advice, which is why I can promote the Big Sister project here. Besides, at the next Hurenkongress, I will hold a keynote speech about sex work and the relocation to the Internet and also promote the Big Sister project extensively on this occasion.”

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